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Learn from one of the top trainers in Connecticut (CT) based in Manchester why the HIIT method is great for loosing FAT.

HIIT or high intensity interval training has been proven to be one of, if not, the best form of training. The increased intensity of the “go and stop” action allows our customers to get more done in less time.


  • Sugar or carbs are burned more efficiently
  • More fat continues to burn long after your workout because your basal metabolic rate (BMR) increases long after your training session.

Fat is the most efficient way our bodies know how to store energy (fuel). This means the excess of anything we eat that is not used is turned to fat. This is why at Lion Heart Health and Fitness in Manchester, CT incorporates HIIT into our training. This “go and stop” style of training is most effective in burning fat. It’s similar to the “go and stop” effect on our automobile’s fuel economy as we travel in the city compared to the highway. We experience decreased MPG in the city because we simply burn or use more gas when we have to make sharp turns, stop at lights and signs and quickly accelerate to cross an intersection. Since it requires a lot of energy to do these things (especially when accelerating), more fuel/fat is burned in a shorter amount of time. The only drawback from HIIT is it requires individuals participating to be highly motivated to go through it. Here at Lion Heart in Manchester CT, there’s never a lack in that motivation because the trainers are dedicated to pushing members through each session.







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