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Lion Heart Health & Fitness - Cardio PUMP -

Cardio PUMP | See Schedule

Keep your Lion Heart strong, keep it pumping! Doing Cardio has never been more fun to do! Away with the treadmill and other monotonous machines. Give way to old fashioned calisthenics and plyometrics (jump training)! One thing is guaranteed. Your heart rate will be up for minutes!

Lion Heart Health & Fitness - CORE WAR ABS -

Core WAR | See Schedule

You know what they say about abs, “if they don’t have em, they cannot show you how to get’em! Learn from the master himself and get what he has… chiseled ABS

Lion Heart Health & Fitness - Legs GO! -

Legs GO! | See Schedule

Legs and Glutes on fire! You want toned legs and glutes? We’ve got you covered! This class is engineered to give you the results you desire in the lower half of your body. Say goodbye to loose and flabby… hello firm and tight!

Lion Heart Health & Fitness - SGT Omnia -

SGT Omnia | See Schedule

Lion Heat’s trademark workout! A favorite among our members and some have even called it a fitness revolution. We Agree! A high intensity, total body interval circuit that promises to build muscle while you burn fat. Not to mention an average of 700 calories burned per session. It is an incredible experience!

Lion Heart Health & Fitness - Sweat CYCLE -

Sweat CYCLE | See Schedule

Hold on for an exhilarating ride! Try our unique Spin class Today!

Lion Heart Health & Fitness - UPPER BODY SCULPT -

Upper Body SCULPT | See Schedule

Grab a chisel and lets mark art. Your arms, shoulders, back and sides will thank you! Work your way to a leaner more chiseled upper body.

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