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With 5 years of experience in the military, I am more than confident in my ability to motivate individuals to push themselves to new levels of performance as I did with my junior troops. As a U.S Navy Corpsman attached to the U.S Marines, I went through intense training to instruct America’s finest in hand to hand combat which requires a great deal of physical and mental discipline. I gained experience in instilling confidence while building mental toughness that may be applied in all aspects of life. I’m putting that experience to work for you! believe it or not, the only thing stopping you from getting the physique you desire or reaching a better level of health and fitness is a mental DECISION; a resolve to want to look better, feel better…be BETTER! That decision is yours to make, but I can GUARANTEE you that once you make that decision, we will take care of the rest.  Place the burden on me, and my team of experts to get you the results that you want

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Seeing is believing! Are these photographs good enough to tell you that Lion heart health and fitness customers are very proud of their fitness accomplishments? Have a fitness goal in mind? Take a photo of yourself for the record, then, come and visit us in Manchester to see how we can help you meet or exceed your goal.

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In this video, recorded LIVE at our Manchester, CT facility: Learn directly from our customers about their personal experience(s) at lion heart health and fitness, and how they benefited by selecting one of the top personal training health and fitness company in Connecticut.

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